Full Service Documentation
Tailored to meet the needs of the client from the most minimal of requirements to a full service range, including preparation of all documents relating to a specific transaction.

Letter of Credit Review and Negotiation
Many of our clients submit their letters of credit for our perusal in order to intercept any anticipated negotiation difficulties. We further submit the completed documentation package to the negotiating bank with the original letter of credit, and respond to any and all of the bank’s enquiries pertaining to same.

Charter Brokering
Offering experienced and qualified services in the fixing and handling of full or part-charter cargoes. We negotiate load/discharge costs, prepare and/or approve disbursements, demurrage, despatch and laytime statements.

Air Freight
Gillespie-Munro is an IATA licensed air freight agent, employing trained professionals to ensure prompt and cost-effective handling of air freight shipments worldwide to and from Canada.
From the smallest of sample shipments, to dangerous goods and full flight charters, we have the expertise and skill to handle any air freight requirement.
Gillespie-Munro has been authorized to participate in the Air Cargo Security Initiative, as a Regulated Agent, and employ the use of the Secure Supply Chain Management System authorization number RAQC00187.

International Projects
In-house project experience and expertise providing for full logistical service from door-to-door on turnkey projects of all types or size both from and to Canada.

Specialized Cargo
Staff experienced in the handling of unique and special cargo requirements for shipments of exotic automobiles, explosives and reefer cargoes, to name only a few of our unique areas of expertise.

Hazardous Cargo

Gillespie-Munro’s dangerous goods are handled by fully trained staff who meet the certificate requirements for Transport Canada, IMO IMDG , ICAO and IATA. With in-house expertise complimented by experts on retainer we have the skills to ensure proper arrangements, paperwork, packaging and labeling of all shipments, with instructions to all parties concerned prior to any movement being undertaken.

Explosives (including class 1.1) small and large caliber munitions and weapons systems, conversion kits and protective gear for both military and commercial clientele round out the extensive range of unique services included in this skill set. As an integral part of these clients’ supply chains, we handle their requirements in a safe and secure manner worldwide, both to and from Canada.

Dimensional and Overweight Cargo
By land, sea, or air, the facilities to accommodate this cargo for movement within Canada or worldwide is an integral part of our transportation services.

Marine Insurance Brokers
Providing for marine insurance coverage under our blanket open policy at very competitive rates. Claims settled virtually anywhere in the world.

Export Packaging and Container Stuffing
Through lengthy relationships with companies specializing in this field, we are fully equipped to handle any and all enquiries concerning export packaging, container securing, loading, and in fact can arrange for qualified consulting regarding these needs.


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